Standard Weekly Schedule

This is our regular schedule, please check the Hachodesh or weekly emails to see if there are any changes for this week.

Sunday Daily
Daf Yomi Shiur7:006:00
Shacharis Rosh Chodesh7:50/9:006:45
Mincha B'zman
followed by Maariv
Approximately 10 minutes before shkiah
Late Maariv (winter months)8:00

Mincha FridayApproximately 10 minutes before shkiah.

During the Spring/Summer months there is an early minyan also.
7:00 most weeks, earlier the first few weeks and the last few weeks.

Daf Yomi8:00
Chumash Shiur8:40
Early Mincha (Spring/Summer)6:00
Halacha ShiurApproximately 60 minutes before Mincha
MinchaSame time as candle lighting was on Friday
Maariv45 minutes after shkiah

The following times come from and may not match the times our shul uses, but are provided for your convenience.